Three Irish Girls Donates EURO 2,000.00 To Kaswiti Primary School

Ungweru Organization, community, Malawi
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June 7, 2017
Ungweru Organization Hands Over 100 School Desks and 8 Latrines To Kaswiti Primary School
July 18, 2017

St Fostina Primary School is one of the primary schools in Mzuzu city which has challenges to deliver quality education to learners due to a number of factors. One of such factors is lack of proper sanitation. St Fostina Primary has total enrollment of 702 learners against 4 available toilets. This means that 175 learners share one toilet. The situation is unacceptable since the government standard ratio is 1:15 and 1:25 for girls and boys respectively.  Inadequate sanitation and lack of hygiene not only affects quality delivery of education services, health, safety, and quality of life of children. It also infringes on girls’ right to education as girls are reluctant to continue their school when toilets and washing facilities are not private, not safe, not clean or skimpily not available.

Moved by the poor sanitation condition at the school, Kate Tlerney, Ciara McCabe and Blathnin Linnane made a donation of €2,000.00 towards improving sanitary facilities at the schools. The three girls from Ireland visited Ungweru Organization in June this year on a short term volunteer programme. Construction of additional toilets at the school will greatly contribute to quality delivery of education services at the school.