Passed Projects


Helping communities to achieve food security

Mzuzu Integrated Community Project was implemented to help communities around Ungweru to be self-reliant and by achieving food security. The project aims at training farmers, especially the leading farmers in the communities, so that they will be able in turn to train their fellow farmers in their communities. We distributed high valued farm inputs including soya, ground nuts, beans, peas etc. The following season, the program returned part of the crop to other farmers.


Helping Unprivileged Communities

This project was started by the Ungweru trustees. The main aim was to help unprivileged communities to achieve food security. Farm inputs were distributed among farmers at the beginning of the rainy season. We have worked in four communities, with a total number of 250 households. The project has helped the Government, via the Ministry of Agriculture, to achieve food security which is among the core policies in the MDGs (Malawi Growth and Development Strategy).


Helping marginalized people

Progressio is an international development charity supporting poor and marginalized people, especially women, to empower themselves. Its vision is "Poor people empowered to transform their lives".
In partnership with them, Ungweru implemented different projects, all with the aim of helping marginalized people to be able to support themselves. From time to time, we received Progressio volunteers who, in partnership with local volunteers, do community development.


Supporting Groups Of People Living With HIV/AIDS

Emily Bowyer was an ICS international Volunteer who worked with Ungweru Organization. She worked with ASGs (AIDS Support groups (people living with HIV/AIDS)). Emily was interested in supporting these ASGs with the necessary funds) to start small scale businesses. After returning back to the United Kingdom, together with friends she managed to raise funds representing 300, 000.00 Malawi Kwacha. The funds were deposited in the Ungweru account. The Ungweru organization discussed with the Dunduzu AIDS support group and proposed that they should raise broiler chicken and now the project is in progress.