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Support of partners is vital to our long-term development

Ungweru shows leadership in working with partners and beneficiaries, but our presence in a specific community will always be transitory. To ensure sustained impact of our projects/programmes, Ungweru strives to build on and strengthen the community’s existing structures and assets.

Our partners are all stakeholders who provide essential resources and services that children, especially the most vulnerable, and their families need to prosper, such as access to education, health care, nutrition, shelter and protection, food security and access to drinking water. Our partners include Private Sectors (informal business, local businesses, national companies), Public Sector (government entities, police, judiciary) and Civil Society (other NGOs, Self Help Groups, Faith groups, Churches).

Our Partners

ungweru organization partner st augustine parish
St. Augustine Parish
Ungweru works with St. Augustine organisation and Irish donors. The opening of the St. Augustine multi-purpose hall serves as an income generating activity. Ten percent of the revenues generated from this hall goes to vulnerable groups. Ungweru cooperates with them to assess the vulnerability of children in the St. Augustine and Luwinga regions. We work also with the St. Augustine Parish Youth Club.
ungweru organization partner mzuzu university
Mzuzu University
Ungweru partners with the various Mzuzu University Departments to conduct various projects initiated by the university or by our organization. The university Sanitation Center conducts research on sanitation technology. The centre provided the technology for our eco-sanitation toilet program.
ungweru organization partner well for zoe
Wells For Zoe
Wells for Zoe is an Irish organization in Northern Malawi that focusses on supplying drinking water. Ungweru introduces communities to Wells for Zoe and follows up on community projects.
ungweru organization partner university college cork
University College Cork
University College Cork is the leader of the new Supporting LIFE project which uses technology to monitor the health of partnering communities.
ungweru organization partner mc master university
Mc Master University
Mc Master University supported Ungweru by providing volunteers who are part of the Global Health Specialization in the BHSc Program at the University. We have had 15 students thus far who have all worked with us for three months.
ungweru organization partner progressio
Progressio is an organization active in sustainable small-scale farming. Our partnership with Progressio is through volunteerism.
ungweru organization partner lin
Luke International
Luke International is an organization assisting community based organizations (CBOs). Ungweru cooperates with Luke International in encouraging women to pursue education and training.
ungweru organization partner detas
Development Technical Assistant Services are community development specialists. DETAs works with Ungweru to provide technical services in areas such as the implementation of project/programme baselines and evaluations.
ungweru organization partner wusc
World University Studies Canada
Ungweru Organization and WUSC are working in partnership on the Uniterra 3 Volunteer Cooperation programme which is funded by Global Affairs Canada and implemented by World University Services of Canada. The programme provides human resources in the form of professional volunteers, student interns and professional long term assistance. The partnership seeks to increase the skills of the Ungweru staff members and in so doing ensure the effective programme implementation.
ungweru organization partner smedi
Small & Medium Enterprises Development Institute
Ungweru Organization is working with the SMEDI (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institute) to built capacity for: Village Savings and Loan groups, business development and management advisory services, entrepreneurship training program, group dynamics, leadership and microfinancing and technical skills training and tailor made services. Ungweru’s role in the partnership is to mobilize community members and resources to facilitate organization training while SMEDI is responsible for the actual delivery of the training contents. SMEDI is a parastatal organization under the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The main purpose of the institution is to promote the development and expansion of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Malawi.
ungweru organization partner diocese mzuzu
Diocese of Mzuzu
Ungweru Organization realizes that our presence in specific community areas are but for a specific period of time. It is with this awareness that deliberate efforts are made to partner with other institutions in our development work. Mzuzu Diocese was such partner. Ungweru is working in partnership with Mzuzu Diocese the areas of education, food and nutrition security and HIV and AIDS.
ungweru organization partner malawi government
Malawi Goverment
Ungweru Organization is working in partnership with different government ministries which include Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development and Social Welfare Development. These ministries have sustained structures at the local level which place them in a better position to sustain project outcomes hence our partnership with them.