Ungweru Organization Team

Dedicated members

More than 15 staff members are currently working for Ungweru. Most of them are in the youthful age. As we are gender sensitive, we are currently looking toward to increase the number of women working in the organization.

Bishop John Ryan, Founder
In 2004, Bishop John Ryan founded Ungweru. Ungweru’s roots in missionary work bring about the belief that faith, spirituality and development not only complement each other but further enrich one another. Bishop John was born in the village and parish of Holycross (Ireland) in 1952. He was ordained a priest in June 1978, the first in 800 years to be ordained at the Holycross Abbey where he was also baptised and confirmed. He has spent almost forty years in Malawi and was head of the Mathematics Department at the University of Mzuzu, where he specialised in coding theory. He was consacred Bishop of Mzuzu Diocese in 2016.

Wezi Chipeta, Executive director

Wezi Chipeta joined the Ungweru Organization as Executive Director in January 2016, having worked with another international development organization for more than ten years. He holds an Honours in development studies from the University of South Africa. He has also a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human and Social Development, a Honours Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies (UNISA) and a Certificate in Programme management for Development Professionals (PMD Pro UK).

Agnes Mzumala,
Finance & Administration Manager

Mary Mtafya, Programmes Manager
Mary Mtafya, Programmes Manager

Bernard Mughogho, Head of Lusekelo School of Computing
Bernard Mughogho,
Head of Lusekelo School of Computing