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About Us

Ungweru is a local non-governmental organization with its headquarters in Mzuzu city in Malawi. Its purpose is to provide the disadvantaged communities with the appropriate skills and resources enabling them to ensure their livelihood. Ungweru works on improving the social and economic status of vulnerable communities.

Our strategic objectives

Improve Access to Education

Reduce Impact of HIV/AIDS

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

Promote Food Security & Good Nutrition

Facilitate Access to Clean Water & Good Sanitary Conditions

Advocate for Child Protection & Human Rights

Promote Youth Development

Provide a Learning & Communication Center

Our Mission

To empower the disadvantaged communities and individuals in Malawi with the necessary skills and resources to ensure their livelihood.

Our Vision

Empowered (self-sufficient) communities in which citizens are actively involved in improving their livelihodd.

Core Values

Ungweru values the importance of contributing to the people’s livelihood hence the following core values:

Sustainability - To make sure that the development initiatives introduced in the community and the benefits realized are sustained at community level and organizational level.

Accountability – Ungweru will be transparent and accountable to the donors, stakeholders and communities they work for.

Sense of Commitment - All planned activities will be accomplished according to schedule.

Saving lives – Ungweru targets the marginalized and vulnerable citizens and helps them to improve their livelihood.

Participatory work – Encourage participation of beneficiaries in all development activities. For participants should be proud of the achievements and appreciative of their own contribution.


The Ungweru Organization was founded by Father John A. Ryan, an irishman. It is a Christian-based local non-governmental organization. Ungweru infrastructure now comprises an office with meeting room, a volunteer hostel and a learning & communication center -- the Lusekelo School of Computing (class room, reading room and meeting room).
2004Started as a CBO (Community-Based Organization
2009Registered as a NGO (Non-Governmental Organization)
2011Construction of Volunteer Hostel
2012New office of Ungweru under construction
2017Construction of the Spirituality Centre

Ungweru is the chitumbuka word for light

Malawi profile

Malawi is a landlocked country in Central Africa bordering Tanzania, Mozambique, and Zambia. The country is often referred as the warm heart of Africa due to its hot weather and most of all, the friendliness of its people.
Population: 14,901,000 (2010 statistics)
Official Language: Chichewa and English (Chitumbuka is spoken in the northern regions)
GDP per capita: $322
Life Expectancy: 54 years (over 75 years in developed countries)
HIV/AIDS Prevalence: 11.9%
Literacy Rate: 87% of men and 85% of women (approximately 100% in developed countries)
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Source: Wikipedia