A Vulnerable Child That Became A Richman

A Nice Ending Story
December 21, 2016
24 computers
Lusekelo School of Computing shot in the arm with 24 computers from Ireland
February 4, 2017

Richman Moyo paused in front of his house

Richman Moyo was one of many vulnerable children from Tilindimwayi CBO (Community Based Organization) in Mzimba South district. He could not complete school unable to afford school fees.

The OVC (Orphans and Vulnerable Children) support scheme project, goat pass-on program, by Ungweru saved him. He was given a she-goat in 2011. The goat multiplied and he passed-on one she-goat to another OVC. After further multiplication of the goats, he started enjoying the fruits. He paid school fees for his final year at secondary school level.

He started growing tobacco and bought fertiliser. He stopped depending on fertiliser subsidy programme from government and after the gains from the sale of tobacco, he built a house roofed with iron sheets. With some of the proceeds he got from selling goats, he continued to engage in tobacco farming. He also bought cattle and he hopes to use their milk for subsistence and to sale.

This successful story came to our attention during the OXFAM and Ungweru review of the OVC project on 6th December 2016. Richman really thanks OXFAM for funding Ungweru organisation in order to revive the OVCs in their community. Richman Moyo is now proud of his name Richman.